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Phone: +961 3 921223
Address: Bouchrieh - Mar Takla Street

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+961 3921223
Our Services

We offer many great services for your television Game shows and Video Walls,

have a look below.

The Concept

Every Game show, Presentation, Wall Screen, or TV show has to have a good concept. You just let me know what you need and then I will take your concept and put it into action, and follow up with you. Just contact me to set an appointment.


Graphics is very crucial, and it must be well planned especially for Virtual Studio and Game Shows. You may have set and prepared the graphics, we will be very pleased to use your custom graphics, or you may ask us to do the graphics for you. Furthermore, if your graphics needs modifications for running it real time, we will do it for you and add special effects and sound to it.


We work in several ways, either you get the deal for certain amount of episodes, or for lifetime. We may rent you VENTUZ system with full license, or you can buy it for yourself.

Concerning operation, it may be someone from out team, or from your employees. In case your employee will run the show, we train the person, and give support.

About Ventuz and our Controllers

VENTUZ is a real time 3D graphics technology, where we use Deltacast or Decklink to broadcast through, either on Screen or Video Wall. To run the show you must have an operator who will enter the data to be displayed using the custom control that we create specially for the specific show. We make the controller as easy as possible, and help the operator to make no  mistakes at all. The systems are rock solid, you will never experience any problem unless your hardware fails. I have been running shows on TV stations for 6 years daily without having any issue. In the image at the right you see the controller running on a simple I7 laptop, and just behind it is the VENTUZ running on a professional Desktop server computer, that has Deltacast card installed and high end graphics card.

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