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Here is an example of one of my biggest hits in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the Saudi TV during Ramadan 2017.


Ahla Rehla Controller

Ahla Rehla Contained the following:

  • Virtual Studio
  • Ticket selection hud where the participant select a number
  • The Globe Map, where Saudi Arabia country gets selected
  • 1 to 4 Cities are selected randomly on the Saudi Map to ask questions about
  • The question appear as a lowerthird
  • The Presenter has a special screen where info is displayed about the question being asked
  • If the player answers all the questions correctly goes to select a bag out of five distinct bags
  • The player may also get only the cash, since one of the bags may contain lose all option.
  • Every bag contains a prize represented by a sponsor video.
  • If it is a car, fireworks and confetti are released in the set . .

The whole program set and game play is in real time 3D.

The presenter Mohamed El Shehri is a well known presenter for a long time till present.


بإنتاج ضخم وأفكار مبتكرة، أطلقت القناة السعودية “أحلى رحلة”، برنامج مسابقات وألعاب تفاعلي مباشر على الهواء. وهو من انتاج جديرة وأيدياز تيفي بروداكشن ومن تنفيذ أيدياز تيفي بروداكشن لصاحبها الأستاذ عبد الفتاح المصري.

اقرأ المزيد


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