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Live Game Shows, Augmented Reality, Virtual Studio
driven by Ventuz Technology

Augmented Reality Show

Controller to run the show

I use C# to program the main  controller for the game show. It is 100% custom made for the show that’s being run, and we update it whenever needed. The controller can be run on a separate or on the same machine where VENTUZ is running. Programming usually takes between one to three weeks.

VENTUZ TECHNOLOGY for Broadcasting

I use VENTUZ TECHNOLOGY engine to run shows like Virtual Studio, Augmented Reality and Game shows that Broadcast live on air or on Giant Led Walls all synced with lighting and music also other software like Resolume Arena . VENTUZ proved to be very stable solution for broadcasting and running any type of Live Shows, I even used more than one workstation for multiple task, like displaying graphics,lower thirds,data and movies on Air, and in the mean time control a video wall (backgrounds … , games …, events).

Computer Graphics and animations

I may do the full graphics for the show, or the client might have custom animations and graphics for the show. Either way, I re-design them as needed to be suitable to be run in real time.

Amazing Controllers that can do almost anything

I already have programmed controllers to run giant game shows, or broadcasting news, weather, voting ….  I have custom image loader where you wont need any other software like Photoshop …., also I have plugins for Facebook, Live Twitter feedback, Live SMS, Ipad for user interaction, buzzer, lighting control using DMX and Midi, NDI for displaying remote desktop screen live on air, drag and drop features, online and local databases for elections, data transfers from and to cloud systems on the fly. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination is the only limit.

Jawayez El Saudiya (SBC) and Augmented Reality (Dawri Plus)

Amazing Graphics for your interactive virtual studio

A good selection of the best programs aired on several TV stations

Ahla Rihla احلى رحلة

برنامج المسابقات احلى رحلة مع مقدّم البرنامج محمّد الشهري خلال شهر رمضان المبارك عام  2017 على شاشة السعودية

Ahla Rihla, ramadan game show 2017, full virtual studio with special effects, questions and answers live on air.

EMOGENIUS فن الإيموجي

Aired on Alan TV. A great example of an interactive game show, where contestants have to recognize and come up with the answers by looking to a set of emoji pictures !! A real genius idea !

Ihsibha Sah  احسبها صح

برنامج العاب يتخللها اسئلة متنوّعة ويقدّم بطريقة طريفة مع مقدّم البرامج بوغاتي الذي يتمتّع بروح شبابي مرح

Feature rich


Coded For Speed

The controllers are coded for optimum speed in operation. Very easy techniques are involved for precision and minimal on air errors by the operator (almost null).

Language Optimized

Optimized to suit all languages, Arabic, English and French. Even we used emojis in Emogenius instead of real words !

Write anything you want anywhere, the text will remain in their boundaries.No bad layouts, everything has been counted for. Cut, copy, paste, and drag n’ drop features.

Tailored for your imagination

We can make your imagination come true. Just try to find a good idea, and we will do everything to make it become a reality !

Support Straight From The Developer

If needed any new additions to the show, updates or modification, I am glad to do that since I am the developer of the whole show, being VENTUZ or it’s Controller. Almost all shows go through modifications in the beginning, and I do it in no time.

Oulouf Wa Sawani - Virtual Studio Live Game الوف و ثواني

Make The Right Choice & Choose Genius3D for your live on air graphics

Need a quote ?

You need to ask for a quote, please send me the content of the TV show you want to run. I will try to reply as soon as I can


We welcome any and all suggestions, so leave us a comment and we will consider it for a future update.

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